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General Warranties Statement
Power, Control and Networking Cables
Seen Joo Company distributes a wide range of networking, control and power cables. We have access to many reputable cable manufacturers in our region, and we are able to source the right type and range of cables required for your applications. Below are some of the common type of cables and wires we that are readily made available to you.
Products' details are available below:
Product Type Description Applications Properties
Shipboard and Marine Cables
Power Distribution Cables
- Medium Voltage: 6KV, 8KV and 15KV
- Low Voltage: 0.6/1KV, 3.3KV)
Control Cables: 0.6/1KV (Non-Shield, Overall Shield & Overall Braid Shield)
Signal Cables: 0.6/1KV (Overall Shield, Overall Braid Shield, Individual Shield, Individual & Overall Shield)
Designed and Constructed for applications in Ship Building and Marine Off-shore industries.

It is designed to provide reliance and easiness during installation and operation in harmful environment of offshore and marine industry.

Special features such as superior flexibility, flame retardant, cold resistant, drilling mud resistant, impact resistant, halogen-free, low smoke, UV resistant, etc are built into the products for optimal operation.
The cables are constructed as per various international specifications and standards for the marine and off-shore industry: IEC, IEEE, UL, BS, NEK, etc

The products meet several the requirements and certified by several international testing bodies such as: DNV, ABS, UL, Llyods
Silicon Rubber Insulated Halogen Free Fire Resistant Cable
Assessed to BS 7629, BS 7624, BS 6425: Part 1 and BS 6387 CWZ
Standard References: BS 6387 Cat. C-WZ BS EN 5067-2-1 BS 6234 – BS 6360 BS 7655 1.1 – BS 7655.6.1 IEC 60331-21 – IEC 60332-3
These special multicore cables are used for fire resistnant and circuity intergrity, and essentially to prevent lifr from smoke and noxious fumes, and where sensitvie equipmet may be damaged by acid forming gaese. Bare Solid copper wire conductor to BS 6360.
Special Silicon Rubber mix insulation.
Core identification following
s BS7629: 1997
2 core:Brown, Blue
3 cores: Brown, Black, Blue.
4 cores: Blue, Brown, Black and Grey
Up/from 5 cores: Blacks Numbered
Overall polyester tape
Collective screen
Aluminium/polyester tape, metallic side down, in contact with Solid bare copper Class 1 drain wire
Halogen Free sheath
Red or White Color
HDPE+ Silicon ins, Fiber Glass Tape, Copper Braid, LSZH Jacket Coaxial Cable
Standard References:
EN 50200
EN 50363
IEC 60332-1-2,
IEC 61034-2
These special coaxial cable are used in video surveillance of sites at high risk of fire, where is vital the video control during accident. Condutor -Plain annealed red or tinned copper wire
Primary Insulation -High Density PE
Secondary insulation -Special Silicon Rubber mix
–Fiber Glass tape.
-Two layers plain copper wire braid.
-Low smoke Halogen Free sheath.
-Red or White
PVC Insulated, PVC Jacket Alarm Cable
Standard References:
DIN VDE 0482 p 266-2
BS 4066 p 3
EN 50266-2
IEC 60332-3
DIN VDE 0472 p 804 C
These cables are used for control and telephone installations, with improves characteristics of flame retardant in the control technology Conductor-Solid bare Copper or Flexible Bare Copper
Insulation - PVC Flame Retardant.
Shield -Alum/POl
Drain Wire -Tinned Copper.
Operation Temp -PVC /HT 105°C
-Core identification
2 cores: Black ,Red
3 Cores: Black, Blue, Red.
4 Cores: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue
0.6/1kV Power and Control Cable – SHF2Flame Retardant
• Halogen-Free
• Mud Resistant
• Rated 90°C
Designed for power, control and lighting Systems in EX or safe areas. Conductor: Flexible Class 5 (for sizes up to 35 sq. mm) or Class 2 (for sizes 50 sq. mm and larger) tinned copper as per IEC 60228
Core Identification: 2 Core: White - Black
3 Core: White - Black -Red or Green/Yellow
4 Core: White - Black -Red - Light Blue or Green/Yellow
5 Core and above: Solid color with printed number
Outer Sheath: Low smoke halogen free
flame retardant compound meeting IEC 60092-359 Type SHF-2. Standard sheath color black. Blue sheath is available for intrinsically Safe installations.
Bedding: Low smoke halogen-free polyolefin bedding meeting IEC 60092-353
Armour: Basket weave tinned copper wire armour per IEC 60092-353
250V Instrumentation Cable – SHF2
Flame Retardant
• Individual Screen
• Halogen-Free
• Rated 90°C
Designed for instrumentation, communication and public address/general alarm systems in EX or safe areas. Outer Sheath: Low smoke halogen free flame retardant compound meeting IEC 60092-359 Type SHF-2. Standard sheath color gray. Blue sheath is available for intrinsically safe installations.
Armor: Basket weave tinned copper wire armor per IEC 60092-353
Pairs/Triads: Each pair/triad is twisted with a bare tinned drainwire and shielded with a poly/aluminum tape to provide 100% coverage
Core Identification: Pair: Black - Light Blue
Triad: Black - Light Blue –
Conductor: Flexible Class 5 tinned copper per IEC 60228
Insulation: Low smoke halogen-free EP meeting IEC 60092-351
Bedding: Low smoke halogen-free polyolefin bedding meeting IEC 60092-353
Flexible, High Temperature Resistance Switchgear and Control Cables. (Also known as Tri-rated Cable)
Suitable for use as an internal connection in :-
* Controllers, motor starters and rectifier equipment.
* Designed for installation in switch control, metering, relay and instrumentation panels.
Suitable for industries in –
* Automation and process control
* Building and construction
* Marine and defense
* Transmission, distribution and power network
Product conform to: BS 6231
Operating Voltage: 1000 volts max
Max Operating temp: 105 deg C
Conductor: Flexible plain copper class 5 to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360)
Insulation: Heat resistance PVC Type TI 3 to BS 7655
Color: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green/yellow, Grey, Brown, Orange, White, violet, Green, Pink, Light Blue and Dark Blue
Hook Up Wire
Our broad range of high performance hook-up wire is available in a variety of insulations to meet your needs for temperature, ability to withstand wear and abrasion, electrical performance, or resistance to oil, solvents, and chemicals.
The cables are suitable for applications- in wiring of a control cabinet in a protected environment or in specialized machine tool on the factory floor, a high-temperature oven, or off-road construction equipment. The cables are constructed and certified to UL specifications with various voltages, temperature and environmental applications
UL 1007 - Voltage: 300 volts
Insulation thickness: 0.16"
UL 1015 – Voltage: 600 volts
Insulation thickness: 0.32"
Temperature Rating:
PVC insulation: -40 to +105 deg C
Teflon insulation: -40 to +200 deg C
Control and Instrumentation Cables
Multi-pair copper conductor cables with either PE (Polyethylene), XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) or LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) insulation, a tinned copper drain wire, individually screened twisted pairs (with aluminum/polyester tape) and/or a collective screen (also with aluminum/polyester tape). The cables are available with PVC or LSZH sheath. Armored cables are with PE bedding and a layer of galvanized steel wire armour.
The cables are designed for carrying voice and data signals. They are used for connecting instruments and electrical equipment – especially in and around process plants where transducer-generated signals are transmitted through panels, controllers and other devices The product are designed and constructed as per BS 5308 specification.

Cable standard specifications:
BS 5308 Part 1 Type 1
BS 5308 Part 1 Type 2

Details of specifications refer to cable specification data sheet.
Coaxial Cable
Coaxial cable consists of 2 conductors that share a common axis. The inner conductor is typically straight wire either solid or stranded and the outer conductor is typically a shield that is either braided or foil.
Types of Coaxial Cables:
-Flexible Braided -Coaxial Cable
-Semi-rigid Coaxial Cable
-Ribbon Coaxial Cable
Coaxial cable ideal for carrying radio, video, measurement and data signals.

Suitable for applications in CATV, audio, video, telecommunication and data transfers.
Cable type: RG-6, RG-59 B/U, RG-11, RG-11 A/U, RG-12 A/U, RG-58 A/U, RG-213U and RG-62 A/U
Inner Conductor: Bare Copper or Tinned Copper
Outer Conductor: Bare Copper Braid wire or Tinned Copper Braid wire or Aluminum polyester tape and Tin Copper Braid wire
Insulation material: Foam PE or PE